Christian David Rheber

composer | arranger | producer

about me

I got my first piano lesson when I was 7 years old. From 1995 I attended the special classes for music at the "Goethe-Gymnasium / Rutheneum seit 1608" in Gera. After graduating from high school, I studied music and mathematics for teaching at grammar schools at the University "Friedrich Schiller" in Jena and at the University of Music "Franz Liszt" in Weimar. Further musical experiences in various recording studios, bands and as a composer followed. From 2005 I studied music theory / composition with a major in piano at the University of Music "Carl Maria von Weber" in Dresden. My teachers included Prof. Dr. John Leigh, Prof. Dr. Clemens Kühn and Prof. Manos Tsangaris. After completing my studies, I received a teaching position for arranging at the University of Music “Carl Maria von Weber”. I have been a self-employed composer, music producer and music teacher since 2012.

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Christian David Rheber


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